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Colour LED flowers

We specialise in the delicate electric candle

We create, imagine and hand make luminous flowers to bring enchantment in the house. Whether they are made of paper, opalin or PVC, we always look for the best materials so that the strength and practicality comes first. Daisy, camellia, orchid and lotus are our favourite flowers, but we also create some to fit our Japanese and Tibetan papers.


Colourful candles

Our range of colour is important, from warm colours to cold colours, you will always chose your own. For important quantities, a wedding or a reception, we can also create a specific colour.


Flameless candles like real candles

It is a cold candle which does not produce any heat. The flame flickers as a real candle and animate the petals of the LED flower, the light brings forward the colours of this battery operated candle. The LED bulb has a life of 50 000 and is protected by a silicone membrane. You will be able to enjoy the sight of the luminous flower for a long time.


Offer our luminous flowers... they will last for a very long time.

Small cup in golden zinc -  Ø 11 cm Small cup in golden zinc - Ø 11 cm Ref. 1-COUPELLE-ZINC-DORE Brand Bloolands 4.00 Including tax
vintage zinc plate -  Ø 22 cm vintage zinc plate - Ø 22 cm Ref. 1-COUPE-PLATE-ZINC-ø-22-CM Brand Bloolands 15.00 Including tax
interligne interligne
Small zinc plate - Ø 11 cm Small zinc plate - Ø 11 cm Ref. 1-COUPELLE-ZINC-ø-11-CM Brand Bloolands 4.00 Including tax