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You must have liked our world if you came all this way... To know everything, Olivier SCHONFELD, our commercial director is at your service and you can reach him on: +33609258101, or  olivier@bloolands.com and he will be happy to answer your questions.


Faced with the restrictive regulations on the use of open flames in public places, our products are the perfect answer to your requirements. 

No combustion; no heat is produced. The aesthetic of the candle is kept, many of our products are made of wax and the flames flicker like real candles.





Results and comparison of a classic wax candle and an LED wax candle. 


Lets take the example of the classic dinner candle, if of good wax quality, that does not drip and which has a life expectancy of 7h; you will use it for 1 or 2 evenings, at the end of the month the costs are adding up.

Our real wax dinner candles, with 2 LR6 (AA) batteries have a life of over 400 hours. Once the batteries are dead, you just need to change them. 

The LED bulbs consume very little energy, they are shock-resistant and have a minimum life of minimum 50 000 hours, we also noticed that turning the candles on and off has no impact on the life on your LED candles.

Do your math... the choice will be clear.


Other advantages :


The wax does not drip on tablecloths, or the candle holder. The wind does not extinguish the flame. Less manipulation and cleaning after each use. There is only a small switch to turn the candle on and off.

No more worries of fire, of burns for you and you clients.

No toxic gases because there is no combustion. 

The CE/ROHS regulations are applied on our products.








Our wax dinner candle allows you not to electrify your chandeliers, and this at a cost far below other solutions found until now. Our candles flicker like real flames and are made of real wax.

The use of LED candles allows a decoration free from the risk of fire.







LED means : Light-Emitting Diode (LED). An LED bulb is an electric component  capable of producing light when it is run by an electric current. 

Its advantages compare to incandescent bulbs are many: 

an exceptional resistance to chocks and vibrations, your LED candle can fall, the bulb will still be working. We tried it many times...

The life expectancy of the LED bulb is far longer than any other bulb (50 000 to 100 000 hours). You won't ever have to change your BLOOlands candle bulb! 

A very low electrical consumption, which, with our batteries, will offer you long life candles. Some examples: the POP UP candle holder and the dinner candle, 400 hours minimum; BOOL and BARROCO, 180 hours minimum. 


ROHS : The european directive RoHs (2002/95/CE) Is aiming to limit the use of six dangerous substances (including lead, mercury and cadmium)


RoHS means Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

All our products are marked ROHS, they can be used without any risks.


CE : This logo marks the product conformity to the health and safety requirements demanded by the European directives. Our candles are also marked CE.