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The charms of electric candles, LEDs and realistic flameless candles !

We are not denying the quality of a real candles, 

beauty, heat and a lively flame, with the soft perfume of melting wax...


BUT also

wax dripping on the tablecloth, on the candle holder and chandelier

soot on the walls and on the ceiling

the wick drowns in the wax and the wind extinguishes the flame

tealights that don't last a whole evening…

risk of injury to children and pets

risk of fire (forgetting, at parties, near curtains and picnics in dry fields)

toxic gases produces by candles of poor quality.


 no danger to children                    no dripping wax                                        inside and outside (in summer)


Compared to real candles, BLOOlands candles have qualities you do not want to live without :


1. A flame that flickers gently and realistically (thanks to its many LED bulbs).

«I never say anything to my guests, and everyone congratulates me on my garden lanterns ! » Barbara Rueil-Malmaison


2. Our candles are made of real wax (Dinner candles, CUBE and POP UP candle holder), the charm of good quality material.

« old wax looks much better than old plastic, and the difference in texture is obvious » Jérôme Paris 11


3. A long life : from 150 to 400 hours depending on the model. Candles that are always ready when you need them.

« if I have to prepare dinner, tidy the house, do the shopping, and change the candles as well, there is just too much to do ! » Céline Paris 20


4. Our candles work with standard batteries which can be found anywhere (AA-LR03/AAA-LR6), even on our website!

« I no longer need to run to the shop, search for batteries and pay an extortionate price, I just find them at BLOOLands » Sabine St Germain en Laye



LED bulbs consume very little energy, which ensures a very long life (if you use good quality batteries, ours for example). Some examples : the POP UP candle holder and the dinner candle have a minimum life of 400 hours; BOOL and BARROCO candle holders: 180 hours minimum.

The LED bulbs are shock resistant. The estimated minimum life is 50,000 hours, we can also certify that repeatedly switching the candle on and off does not reduce the life of your candle . You will never have to change the bulb of your BLOO Lands candle !

Even if your LED candle falls, the bulb will still work. We have experimented numerous times...